My Thoughts on Carbonated Soft drinks AKA Soda

While teaching a workshop on the intro to the MELT Method about rehydrating connective tissue the subject of soft drinks came up. I love teaching all kinds of workshops that help to bring awareness to peoples bodies that make them start to ask questions about themselves and what is happening in their bodies. Often times people will ask questions that relate personally to me. This past week I was asked "What are your feelings about soft drinks? Would you say its better to drink Diet soda over regular soda?" Hmm interesting........Well I said that's interesting you bring this up. Since our bodies are a fluid system I drink a lot of water. Silence and gasp across the room...... That's it? people said. Well you see I have a really clean diet. I don't consume any empty calories. So anything that doesn't serve my body nutritionally to energize simply doesn't go in. I in my 20's loved a carbonated soft drink and my body tolerated or at least I thought it did. Years later I learned about the negative consequences of aspartame first hand with a severe allergy that knocked me off my feet feeling pretty sick. As I grow and learn more about how the body works and how it breaks down nutrients I learned the dangers of processed ingredients and foods. I drink water and if I'm looking for something sweet to satisfy that carbonation crave  I will have a sparkling water and add fruit to it. Adding lemon is one of my favorites and it helps to keep the body in an alkaline state. Another favorite if I want something flavored I'll grab a cold pressed juice from Clarity Juice by Syd! They currently have two flavors the Saratoga green juice which is a flavorful blend of cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger or the Beetox which is oranges, apples, beets, lemon and ginger. I put in long hours and to be able to enjoy something super nutrient packed that sustains my energy helps me do my job and do it well. Cheers to kicking the processed sugar habit and shopping the outside of the grocery aisle! 

Love & Light,