Pilates & Pregnancy

Pilates exercises are generally speaking safe if you are experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy. Like with any exercise program throughout your pregnancy you will keep the following in mind.

-Never to over exert the abdominal muscles during this time, remember they are stretching and expanding during your pregnancy. You don't need to be tightening them.
-Take caution with your lower back as you're carrying extra weight in your front and your balance will be off.
-Avoid lying on your back, as you don't want to compromise the vascular system of both mother and baby.
-Throughout pregnancy the progesterone and relaxin levels increase causing ligaments around the joints to become lax, and vulnerable.
-Be aware that throughout this time your center of gravity and balance has changed. 
-Never would you start a brand new exercise program while pregnant. If you haven't currently been practicing Pilates before pregnant, and it truly interests you wait till after your new bundle of joy has arrived, and your doctor has given you the postpartum okay to begin exercising again.

Sara pictured on the tower mat in the early stages of her pregnancy with Ben!
I had the pleasure of working with Sara throughout her entire pregnancy. Her last workout out with me was on a Friday and Ben was born two days later on Sunday! 

While working with a qualified instructor there are many exercises and pieces of apparatus to work with throughout your pregnancy, the spine corrector, the cadillac or tower, reformer, high chair while in a seated position or kneeling. 

Check with your Doctor, Hydrate, work safely and with a qualified instructor during this fragile time!

Wishing you a healthy, safe Pilates Pregnancy!